Six Advantages of 5G Scheme

Ultra High Speed, Low Latency, Large Capacity

  • NEW

    Use the latest 5g SOC, and Android 11.0 platform, innovative technology support, and touch 5g era ahead of time.

  • FULL

    Dual band WiFi (support 2 * 2mimo) / BT / GNSS (support GPS / BD / GLONASS / Galileo), with complete function settings, fingerprint, encryption, RFID, card swiping, code scanning, printing, thermal imaging, night vision and other functions can be selected to improve work efficiency in one step.


    Do not need external processor, runs more efficiently and is easy to carry.


    Rich interfaces, UART / USB / SPI / I2C / I2S / PCM / DPI and other products can be connected to flexibly meet the application requirements of different industries.

  • RICH

    A variety of multimedia functions, including high-resolution LCD / audio / camera / video, diversified interfaces, including USB3.0, RS232, RS485, HDMI, Internet, meet your diversified functional requirements. At the same time, it supports AI to satisfy intelligent voice control.


    Powerful 8-core processor provides big data operation guarantee. Powerful peripheral interface and 5g multi band ,to support for multi-functional applications.

Production and R & D Strength

Based on innovation and R & D, strictly guarantee product quality and delivery time.

  • Factory Scale

    More than 8 years of cooperation with SMT manufacturers, and the assembly plant covers an area of 8000 ㎡.


    Complete production equipment, with 12 fully automatic imported production equipment.

  • Laboratory Environment

    Tripod has 5g RF calibration and testing equipment--mt8000a and mt8821c, and testing equipment, which can help Tripod complete products development.

  • Professional Team

    More than 10 years of R & D team, focusing on the R & D, production, sales and other services of product design and solutions in 4G / 5G industry communication terminal field.

Strong Customer Support

  • Analysis Design Principle

    According to your needs, recommend the appropriate solution for you.

  • Help Designing

    Provide hardware and software design reference, check schematic and layout, provide Tripod SDK .

  • Standard

    Tripod provides professional testing, recommends suppliers, high standards and high requirements, make products better.


    ripod provides professional testing, recommends suppliers, high standards and high requirements, make products better.

  • Mass-Production

    Guarantee delivery time, provide assembly and testing guide, provide 1-to-1 professional after-sales service.

Perfect quality control process

  • 1

    Incoming inspection

  • 2

    MRB Review Report

  • 3

    First Article Production

  • 4

    Semi-finished Products Testing

  • 5

    Function and AppearanceInspection

  • 6

    Qualified Products Packaging

  • 7

    Sampling inspection

Incoming inspection

MRB Review Report

First Article Production

Semi-finished Products Testing

Function and AppearanceInspection

Qualified Products Packaging

Sampling inspection